Seann Lewis

Seann Lewis

Entrepreneur/ VR Specialist/ Bunker Lab Buddy

Seann has been part of the AGI Design Build Green Hub journey since Day 1! Teaching us about laser take offs, showing up at the community cleanup event, introducing residents to VR at a number of community events including the UNESCO design workshop. Seann’s use of virtual reality technology has advanced the project forward, he says AGI is ‘ahead of the game’ in using VR in this way / the project is ahead of its time and he is enjoying using his expertise to enhance a project in his neighborhood.

Sean grew up in Southwest Detroit and is a Cass Tech Alumni. After following in his father’s footsteps and joining the navy, Seann returned to dry ground, and turned a childhood fascination with computers and video games into SeannLewiscom, LLC.

Seann turned his childhood Initially providing web design, a brief affair with movie making led Seann into designing virtual experiences for work and play. Along the way he has filmed and assisted on set in Hollywood, he once met with Drake, which is as much as we can share here!

Seann is a natural entrepreneur and educator, he is always ready to share knowledge and resources with others. He is always eager to talk about the intricacies of web design and VR development with the team. Seann led the Veteran Bunker Lab Detroit chapter helping other veteran entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of owning their own businesses. Seann is always discovering new growth opportunities within the IT world and partnering with others to bring their visions to reality.

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