Tour of construction using 3D Scan

Tour of construction using 3D Scan

Tour Details

This tour allows you safely ‘walk’ around the construction site and see how the property looked when AGI purchased it in 2017. The technology behind the tour also allows you to interact with the space, through different views and to measure aspects of the space that interest you.

Instructions on how to navigate the tour are available on the Eventbrite event page, accessible after registration.

Click on the image to access the tour:

About the Technology

AGI partnered with technology gurus from SeannLewiscom, LLC who used laser scans to produce the 3D models you can view inside this unique tour of the pre-construction site.

This technology enabled AGI to accurately measure the site remotely, saving time and increasing efficiencies. You can interact with the measuring feature from inside the tour.

Engaging the local community with the development process is really important to AGI. The 3D models enables guests to safely walk around the property and see how the space looks before construction begins.

The technology used is versatile and can be imported into any BIM software.