Tanya Saldivar-Ali

Tanya Saldivar-Ali

Place Maker/ 2nd Generation Entrepreneur/ Speaker

Since the hub was purchased in 2017, Tanya has worked closely with local residents, students, and stakeholders to ensure they were engaged and learned about the development process. AGI wanted to demonstrate a model of how to enter a neighborhood respectfully. Tanya has successfully organized and hosted a number of community events and facilitated collaborations between local entrepreneurs, residents, city departments, academia and investors to enhance leadership from the center of the community.

Tanya is a Southwest Detroit native. She is the first American generation born of two immigrant parents from Nogales, Mexico and Calabria, Italy. Her personal inner city experiences have influenced her unique approach to the design built environment that is more than a career but a mission to develop healthy sustainable communities for the next generation. Tanya takes great pride in being a mother to her three sons, Xavier, Joel and Israel and believes that the home is the center of our well being. Tanya’s passion for her community is reflected in her advocacy for access to quality education, bridging employment to viable opportunities, and bridging minorities to the design built ecosystem.

As a co-founder of AGI Construction Tanya handles the purchase of real estate, property management, minority certifications, and seeks out growth opportunities and partnerships within the various construction industries and public sectors that always aligns back to developing healthy vibrant communities. She brings over twenty years experience in community leadership and place making to the 18th Street project.

“Construction, real estate, and building wealth, are so interconnected, it is critical that build from the bottom up”