Marcela Did Alcade

Marcela Did Alcade

Interior Designer

For Marcela designing the hub space to accommodate different social intentions was a new and challenging concept. Remodelling from room to room with each intention in mind, while keeping the design’s look and feel whole, and giving the same importance to all spaces. She said nothing was overlooked and that is something AGI made sure of! Marcela loved being challenged by such an amazing group of people.

Marcela is a self professed designer to her bones, losing sleep with new ideas, full of creativity, the product of an endless curiosity about the world and how we live in it. She has an endless craving for improvement, evolution, and harmony, which is reflected in her designs for the 18th street hub.

Marcela is motivated by being able to collaborate with so many people from the community in working towards the same goal, bringing together different skill sets and communicating ideas everyday.

Marcela grew up in San Luis Potosí, México, where she learned from her dad how to deconstruct in order to learn how things are constructed, and then, be able to change them. With encouragement from her mom to be as creative and playful as possible, to always express herself, teaching her that there are no rules on how to get somewhere, as long as it’s fair and respectful to others.

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