Eddi Gonzales

Eddi Gonzales

Creator/ Graphic Designer / Entrepreneur  

Eddi is a proud Southwest native and local entrepreneur who embodies the saying “Detroit hustles harder”. He has created the branding for all of the 18th St Design Build Green hub community events. With limited time, he created the videos featured throughout the “If These Walls Could Talk” exhibit using old photos and footage. Eddi spent countless hours editing and assisting with creative expressions for this project’s mission to highlight local narratives.

Eddi’s personal mission to amplify Detroit business brands shines through his portfolio.

While studying digital communication and media/multimedia at Specs Howards School of Media Arts, Eddi learned a broad spectrum of skills, including videography, web creation, audio, video and online production, script writing and storyboarding, non-linear editing and still and motion graphic creation. He founded Eye Breathe Design in 2018, which grew out of a local music/organizing scene in Detroit. The goal was to assist the movers and shakers in the city by equipping them with designs to increase engagement online and locally, and he now does the same for businesses and organizations of all sizes across the U.S.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with EyeBreath Design as we explore new growth opportunities. Stay tuned as we continue to share the journey through creative expressions and new ideas for the permanent exhibit “if these walls could talk”.

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